About Us

Our Story our way

Founded in 2019, FreakIndia is thriving to be one of the roaring ventures of the era. Founded by just one man with so many dreams and he strives to fulfil each dream by putting strenuous efforts.  A wise man once said, “there is a powerful driving force inside every human being that once unleashed can make any vision, dream or desire a reality”. It just takes one idea to create something prodigious but it takes efforts of many to keep it up and running forever.

The idea of creating something like FreakIndia came into existence when we realised what people really desire to wear in their days today’s life and look different. Without flinching even for a second, the idea of curating and creating the collection of T-Shirts with unimaginable designs and categories popped up. Nothing can be more amazing than creating unparalleled merchandise people would love to flaunt.

FreakIndia was purely a gamble in the world full of rivalry because “if plan A fails there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.” But a general disposition to expect the best in everything we do keep us going. So, here we are to rock it!

Our Team of Crackpots

Our team is a bunch of nutcases that simply love experimenting with anything they see or think. No matter how gross it gets, they still experiment with all their might. Their childlike brains don’t let them resist all the mischievousness they plan on putting to their work. 

We at Freak India believe in going extra miles for our patrons in order to deliver them what they have been striving to wear and look different. Our team of absolutely creative graphic designers and witty writers put their best foot forward to curate and create designs that are jaw-dropping and hard to overlook. We are a gang of movies and series bingers, comic book lovers, PJ addicts and one-liner champs and by clubbing all these maniacs together, we make a happy team together that likes to experiment with everything that seems like worth giving a try and things that feel like shit but we still give it a try.

What we do to mint some money

Freak India creates exclusive designs and prints them on all forms of products ranging from t-shirts to tote bags to sneakers to mugs to mobile covers to cushion covers to hoodies and so on. We don’t believe in mundanity; hence, we introduced the voguish concept of creating and curating designs of your choice that make you smile a little more every time you receive our merchandise at your doorstep and mind you, spreading happiness is our only MOTO! Freak India is supremely dedicated to serving the customers up to the level of their contentment and happiness.

In the era of SWAG, we have taken an initiative of evolving the trend to an unimaginable level of hipness. Who doesn’t want to stand out and flaunt GROOVY clothes? Freak India gives you an opportunity to handpick your kind of merchandise from our well-stocked range of products.

Mind you, you will never be disappointed in terms of varieties and services.

You gotta use it first before you believe it!